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Aluminum Extrusions

Like any extrusion, Aluminum Extrusion pushes aluminum through a dye – taking its shape on exiting the dye. Manufacturers transform aluminum in pure form or as an alloy into the product of their requirement. Aluminum is a good material for extrusion since it is highly malleable and can withstand stress to a great extent. Alloys are made out of pure aluminum when other properties need to be introduced in the final product.

Aluminum extrusion helps build products for a wide range of applications since they are light in weight in addition to being highly malleable. You will find aluminum grills in your house and if you are an astronaut (just in case) your spaceship also will be made of aluminum largely.

Let us look at some of the areas of applications:

  • Vehicle Manufacturing You will find automobiles have components made from aluminum – be it under the hood or inside the cabin. Automakers prefer aluminum since it is resistant to corrosion and works well in hot conditions. The vehicles turn out to be lighter in weight and that helps in fuel efficiency.
  • Building Construction: Products made from extruded aluminum are used wisely in the construction sector. Window grills, staircase holds, elevator, false ceiling frames, knobs and handles are made from extruded aluminum.
  • Medical Devices: Extruded aluminum is used in diagnostic devices as well as surgical devices. In addition to other properties, manufacturers choose aluminum for medical devices since it is rust-proof and durable. Aluminum is also more flexible in comparison to stainless steel, plastics and therefore extruded aluminum is preferred in this sector.
  • Manufacturing Facility: Several tools, equipments and supporting infrastructure is developed using extruded aluminum. For examples, carts, tables, measuring containers, testing equipment components, etc.
  • Power Industry: Aluminum ranks high as an electricity conductor. It is used extensively in the power industry like in the solar panels, electric grids, etc.
  • Aerospace: The airline and the space industry use extruded aluminum for various components primarily because the material is light and durable.

Making an aluminum extrusion product starts with making a die of the product. The die could either be solid or hollow or a combination of the two, as desired. Aluminum billets are next made. Billets are solid soften when heated. Billets are loaded into the press and force applied. The aluminum billets pass through the die taking the required shape on exiting. The shape is cooled with water jets and allowed to harden. Hardened extruded material are cut as per requirement and treated for strengthen and further hardness.

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