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Birth of a new year is such a wonderful occurrence. We wish each other a happy new year to send out a positive vibe and we expect a response that makes our new year also start on a positive note. Spreading positivity (in the manufacturing sector) is something Consultiger has resolved this new year —  starting with the following:

Technology bringing cheer to the manufacturing sector!
Thanks to my job, I have been in touch with manufacturers and manufacturing experts and have often chatted with experts on the manufacturing industry outlook. Most are optimistic about what 2020 brings along. They are aware that the Fourth Industrial revolution is going to be a big game changer and that 2020 is going to be setting a few things in motion. The industry 4.0 is seen by experts to reduce operational costs, streamline production processes, optimise production time and introduce super operational efficiency.

The general consensus is that there will be a bigger role of technologies that facilitate greater Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) and Robotics. Some people tell me that augmented reality applications will be more visible in the manufacturing world – especially at the design stage. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is another tech solution that many experts feel would be embraced this new year –  esp. with 5G kicking in. Manufacturing processes are being connected with cloud-connected sensors that detect data to fine tune processes and doing so synchronously. There is talk of real-time analysis optimising production on the fly. Of course, from the maintenance aspect, experts are laying greater reliance on predictive maintenance. 

Experts mention the following other technologies that are expected to further the positive change in the manufacturing sector: cobots, additive manufacturing, industrial 3D printing, wearables for industrial use, etc. 2020 is going to be the year of digital manufacturing. At Consultiger, we are excited about this space and will be watching it closely. 

Please do mail us ( your views on the manufacturing technologies in general and those in particular to your industry. We will be happy to share it with our audience – with attribution. Many surely would love to hear from an expert like you.

Happy new year! 

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