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Material handling the Smart Way!

Are you communicating well with your colleagues. Yes, you are?Good. Because, now the machines have started communicating to each other and it would be an embarrassment if your colleagues don’t hear you communicate well and enough. The machines are now smart to be kept in the ‘loop’. They know what to do, when to do and how to do. And also how not to do. Welcome to Smart Factories!

Your smart factory can be efficient and safe by analysing real time data and taking (corrective) steps . Your smart factory becomes more efficient, more safe, more flexible and more connected when the individual machines talk to each other.

How can your material handling be smarter in this Industry 4.0 era!!

You may not run your production facility or plant in 100% capacity all the time. The factory operations would depend on the production plans in place. In such a scenario, you may halt the operations with respect to certain machineries and keep running only the once that are actually required to meet the production plans. In a smart material handling environment, you may program the conveyor system to function only when it needs to carry something rather than keeping it switched on all the time.

What are the modern Material Handling Systems?

There are many Materials Handling solutions that come in handy in today’s Industry 4.0 scenario.

  • Factories/warehouses now deploy computer-controlled storage and retrieval systems. This is especially helpful when material needs to be stocked on high-rise shelves.
  • Modern manufacturing units have Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) for the movement of materials and mobile tool carriers and several other autonomous vehicles.
  • Companies have brought in robot systems especially for jobs requiring a very high degree of precision or those that are extremely dangerous for humans to handle.
  • Factories have invested big time on automated conveyor systems that are intelligent, safe and in the long run saves cost.

If you need help in modernising your material handling systems, Consultiger could be a worthwhile platform for you to look at. Consultiger hosts technical experts across several industries and specialisations. Please do visit for more information.

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