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Rubber Compounding

A rubber compound recipe normally has the following ingredients:

  1. Elastomer
  2. Filler
  3. Protectant
  4. Processing Aid
  5. Curing Agent

Before starting on the compounding process, you must know the substances the final product will come in contact with. This is especially important while choosing the elastomer. Certain elastomers may be more suited for certain use/applications. A technical expert with good understanding of the elastomers will suggest an elastomer after understanding the application and physical properties.

Some common fillers are as follows: carbon black, amorphous silica, clay.
Fillers will also depend on product properties. If a product needs to have high abrasion resistance, your technical expert would suggest a filler that would be best suited.

Protectants like anti-oxidants or anti-ozonants help create a layer that improves performance of the product. Sometimes a combination os elastomers can serve as protectant. Tyres, for example, could contain a multiple elastomers.

A processing aid, like oil, is like a moisturiser for the compound that helps in the compounding process.

A compounding expert would suggests curing agent like sulfuric curing, peroxide curing. Accelerators are also curing agents that accelerate the curing time.

Rubber compounding is an art of sorts as much as it is a science. ach of the above-mentioned parts dictate the physical properties of the final product. Even natural rubber that is added to the rubber compound will bring into the compounding process its own set of uncertainties and complexities. It is important for a manufacturer to engage a compounding expert very early on in the product development process.

If you are in need of a rubber expert as a consultant, then, could be of help.

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