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Shop Floor Productivity!

Here are the 6 suggestions that have helped some factory managers. Let’s
dive in straight away.

Suggestion #01:
Study what’s happening currently!

Study the workflow. Look closely at the process followed, technology used
and people deployed. Maybe you need to run the system via value stream mapping
as and identify projects for process improvement. Gaps in the systems will
stick out for you to implement corrective steps.

Suggestion #02:
Is your business process up-to-date!

Discuss what’s happening currently with the team to develop solutions
for the gaps found in the earlier exercise. May be the process could do well
with some optimisation – like pushing resources to positions where they can be
better utilised or upping the game with some standards/quality certifications
or anything that you and your team would know best.

Suggestion #03:
Are your employees trained!

Your industry is always
evolving. Some changes are hard hitting and some are so slow that you don’t even
realise that things have changed. The change just sneaks in. Newer technologies
are helping make shop floor efficient. And some changes may be so profound that
you may have to let go of some very efficient employees – because they are not
skilled to handle newer systems/technologies. You need to train your employees
and keep them abreast with technology and improve shop floor efficiency.

Suggestion #04:
Are your production expectations realistic!

Stretch goals hurt as they have a tendancy to demotivate your shop floor
workforce. Production pressures could be a downer for people striving of quality
and safety. Set goals that are attainable and that will improve shop floor
efficiency immensely. Make your expectations clear to the workers and you will
find them respond with solutions to any issues all by themselves.

Suggestion #05:
Do you have latest equipment!

Shop floors would do well to evaluate what’s their armoury all about. Out
dated equipment may do the job but only less efficiently. It certainly is a
cost-benefit analysis but it is the responsibility of the technical team to
push the management to invest in latest technology. The cost could be recovered
in few years but if the upgrade is not done at the right time then the cost to
be paid for the delay could be much higher.

Suggestion #06:
And is the equipment maintained well!

Are you have a preventive maintenance strategy in place? To have your
machines perform consistently well, they need rest and recovery. Schedule your
preventive maintenance scientifically to ensure that the downtime due to poor equipment
maintenance does not cost you heavily later.

If you have any issues with your shop floor productivity or need
any help in designing a shop floor, you may find the folks at come in handy. With
experts in variety of areas in their network, Consultiger is capable of finding
the right consultant for you for shop floor management.

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