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Sustainable Manufacturing

Have you put sustainability and green business practices into play. Several businesses are going green not just save the environment but also to help their bottom line. Manufacturing companies now are benefiting from implementing green practices.

Sustainable manufacturing is more than just following green practices. In usage these two terms are confused quite a bit. A business may have a ‘green’ product. That is a product manufactured out of materials that are recycled. However, the process of manufacturing the said may yet be polluting the environment. A sustainable manufacturing process works on a eco-friendly manufacturing process and reducing the carbon foot-print.

Sustainable manufacturing practices are for the long term. Here’s why:

To attract eco-conscious customers.

Customers are smarter today. They want to make this planet safe and passionately care for the environment. They are even willing to pay a premium for products that have a ‘eco-friendly’ tag on them. These customers feel nice about supporting a company that cares for the environment and has demonstrated their intent by developing their manufacturing strategies on the ‘sustainability’ plank. Manufacturers that follow sustainable practices now have this new generation of customers to sell to.

To save energy bills.

Manufacturers are now shifting to energy smart lighting solutions to reduce their energy bills. Such lighting systems help save energy to an extent of 40-50%. Factories are also setting up renewable energy technologies like wind turbines and solar panels. These technologies are also getting less expensive then when they first appeared in the market due to rising demand. Of course, manufactures should undertake regular maintenance works to ensure that energy is not being wasted.

To benefit from government incentives

Manufacturers can benefit from subsidies and tax concessions on implementing sustainable manufacturing practices. Depending on the scale of your manufacturing facility, these financial breaks can help in lowering costs and booking higher profits.

To have a positive impact on the environment

Sustainability is no longer a fancy initiative designed by the PR machinery in your company. Sustainability is a serious effort to impact the environment in a positive manner. You will directly be contributing to to conserving natural wealth. Sustainable operations will reduce hazardous gaseous and liquid outputs into the nature and will have a long term positive benefit on the earth.  

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