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Tech in the Logistics Industry!

The impact of technology in the areas of manufacturing, supply chain management, packaging, transportation, etc is very exciting and rewarding. Consultiger is always excited about this space and has covered technology in earlier blogs as well. Let’s see some tech-inspired solutions to hit our logistics/supply chain industry.

Vessel and Container Tracking Systems

Internet-based solutions allow clients to track their container/shipping vessel in real time and any time. Clients can now track the shipment and plan their logistics, warehouse space, documentations at the ports, payment of taxes/duties and more importantly in their production planning. The element of doubt, rather uncertainty does not exist any more. Clients can opt for instance messaging with respect to container and vessel movement.

RFID-based Tracking

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has kicked in in the logistics sector. Taxis, shipping vessels, trucks, and other transports are connected via internet helping people track the movement of materials. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, helps people track their stock. A sensor/tag placed on the consignment emits radio waves that sends out data locational coordinates. Businesses today use RFID tags to monitor movement of their materials.

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are here to stay. Autonomous cars are in a fairly advanced stage of being commercialised. Larger vehicles – such as long-haul container trucks will also soon have its autonomous avatar. Tesla has made significant development in this space. It is presently working on a semi-autonomous version of a truck that navigates but with the help of a passenger who controls via a computer. A cent percent autonomous truck will be a reality soon.


The future of package delivery is via drones. Drones will be able to deliver not too heavy packages at the entrance of your house for you to pick up. E-commerce companies love this model and see clear business advantage of being the early adopters of this model.

Superior GPS

GPS is already everywhere. While GPS has been around for a while now, the technology is now much more dependable. Drivers navigate to their destination more efficiently now thereby improving the turn around time, resulting in customer delight.

That’s all for now. If you are in the logistics space and would like to leverage technology, do connect with us via our website. You may also email us at

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