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Technologies for Warehouse Efficiency

Have you ever wondered how you could make your warehouse more efficient. An efficient warehouse business will require lesser human intervention, lower operational costs, better bottom line and a healthier business. Warehouses today are embracing technology to become more efficient and in the process defining a process that’s more efficient as well.

The following three technologies work to improve the efficiency of your warehouse.

Dimensioning Systems

Dimensioning Systems measure pallets/boxes, and record the information in the warehouse receipt automatically — and some do so along with the scale and may be even with HD pictures of the pallets/boxes instantaneously. Dimensioning systems eliminate any clerical errors of a manual system.

Mobile Technology

Use of mobile technology gives easy and quick access to records. Warehouses today are giving up desks for capturing data and/or printing lists and labels and adopting mobile devices to accomplish their tasks. Warehouse owners now have access to mobile printers and barcode scanners not just mobile phones and tablets to make their operations lighter and mobile.

Warehouse Management Systems

A sound warehouse management system is the next thing that will enhance warehouse efficiency. A good warehouse management system should be process-oriented, easy to integrate and of course be mobile-friendly.

The warehouse management system that you choose should allow you to map warehouse processes using workflow engines, measure the process performance and user productivity.

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