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Fluoroelastomer or FKM is a kind of synthetic rubber. These are meant for very high temperature operation, are highly resistant to chemicals and oil. They can be efficient at 200 degrees centigrade. FKM can be classified by their fluorine content – and which could be 66%, 68%, or 70%.

Properties of Fluoroelastomers (FKM)

  • Fluid & Chemical Resistance:  Chemical cause swelling of the material. Swelling damages the product, resulting in product failure. Fluoroelastomers are highly resistant to swelling in aromatic, aliphatic & chlorinated hydrocarbons, fuels, oils and other organic liquids. FKMs are resistant to chemical attack, flame, oxidation and ozonisation. More the fluorine content greater the resistance.
  • Thermal Resistance: Fluoroelastomers resist heat as well unlike other elastomers. Fluoroelastomers can withstand temperatures of 200 degree centigrade without altering the properties.
  • Compression Set Resistance Fluoroelastomers are used for O-rings and Seals. The performance of the seal is highly dependent on the Compression Set. Fluoroelastomers in combination with other chemicals give superior compression set resistance.

Applications of Fluoroelastomers (FKM)

  • In the aerospace industry in O-ring seals in fuels, lubricants, valve stem seals, fuel hoses, fuel injector O-rings, etc.
  • In the automotive industry in shaft seals, check valve balls, diaphragms, electrical connectors, tyre valve stem seals, clips, gaskets, and more.
  • In other Industrial applications such as hydraulic o-ring seals and hydraulic systems, manifold gaskets, fuel tank bladders, firewall seals, engine lube siphon hose fuel system seals and many others.

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