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Why ISO 9001? (for beginners)

An oft heard quality management system is the ISO 9001. A good understanding of this quality system will help you appreciate its benefits post implementation much better.

Getting started with ISO 9001 – the international standard for quality management systems across industries!

ISO 9001 – like any other system – brings in consistency and standardisation. Following an ISO 9001 system to the ‘T’ confirms employee satisfaction and guarantees quality assurance to customers.

All companies have business goals and have systems to achieve the said goals. ISO 9001 ensures that you define them well and firmly taking into account the various processes and resources (including manpower, equipment, etc).

The ISO 9001 basics are as per the quality management principles, as follows:

Customer Focus!

You will be happy to read that ISO implementation is not a cost but an investment. Here’s why? The numero uno goal of ISO 9001 is to delight the customer. This leads to repeat business which in turn leads to new customers with further repeat business. And this routine continues thanks to successful implementation of ISO 9001.

One Purpose, One Direction!

Total clarity. With the implementation of 1SO 9001, employees are completely in the loop with respect to the company’s goals and targets and their own roles and responsibilities. This gives them a total understanding of what expected of them and helps them plan their work most productively.

Engaged Employees? Productive Employees!

Recognising employees for their efforts makes them feel honoured. What also makes them feel honoured is when you, the employer, pick up the personality/skill development training tab or keeping him/her informed of the company’s business goals and strategies. They will naturally deliver great results at work.

Constant & Consistent Improvement!

Remember the management jargon that goes “Change is the only Constant”. Things are always evolving. Your company also needs to keep pace with all that is changing/evolving. As a business, you need to set a system that constantly looks at areas of improvement at all levels and across all resources.

Let facts decide!

Data driven decision making uncomplicates the process of taking a call. No more gut feel, guesstimates, inferences to take decisions. Data driven approach leads to decisions that are taken with complete understanding and are less likely to be inaccurate or a misadventure.

Your partners are your assets!

Multiple sets of people are playing their part in the success of your business. And it is up to you, the entrepreneur, to weave the relationship of these external partners into the fabric of the business. Do this in a systematic way and your dealers, distributors, advertisers, customers, etc will contribute to your success.

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