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A Coronavirus report.

The early response from economy watchers is mixed. The Chinese New Year has not begun all too well. Travel restrictions are in place. So, a toll on the travel and tourism business is already evident. Further, it can be assumed that entertainment spend will go down since people would prefer to stay at home. The holiday period has been extended across China due to this problem that has gained huge proportions. Business travels have come to a halt. And the supply chain operations will be hit due to transport restrictions. A significant drop in the economic activity is expected in the country.

The spread will depend upon how easily the virus can transmit itself.
The good news is that people have been making full recoveries. The fact however
is that the virus is moving to other countries.

In this environment, the pharmaceutical manufacturers
are seeing demand for medication against the virus. Going forward, the vaccine needed
to fight this virus will be in great demand. Johnson & Johnson has started
work on the vaccine that will be available in twelve months. Medical gloves and
masks are in demand by people who don’t want to be infected. The share value
for companies in the pharma space are seeing an increase.

Medical products/services that are expected to be in demand now are
as follows:

  • Disposable
    Protective Apparel Products: shoe covers, coveralls, lab coats, gowns and
    bouffant caps
  • Infection Control Products: face masks, eye shields  
  • Diagnostic: Tests to identify
    the Coronavirus strain
  • Biotech: Vaccination for
    the Wuhan strain

As per the CEO
of Astra Zeneca – a pharma giant – the virus has been contained for the time
being in China.

Coronavirus Drug

According to Chinese Academy of Sciences, researchers
have selected to test existing medicines, natural products and traditional
medicines to fight the Wuhan strain of the Coronavirus.

The following drugs are being
seen as candidates to counter the virus:

  • HIV medicines
  • Respiratory drugs
  • Schizophrenia medication
  • Immunosuppressant

The claim is that these can be
considered for clinical treatment of pneumonia in patients infected with the

Some international names seen
in the news that are active in finding the medication for coronavirus are: Novavax,
Inovio Pharma, Biocryst Pharma, Regeneron, Abbvie, Johnson & Johnson, CytoDyn,
Clover Biopharmaceuticals, Abcellera and others.

Australia has become the second
country after China to have cultured the virus strain. This now makes it
possible to verify all test methods more effectively then possible when only
the genome sequence is available.

Hopefully the spread of Coronavirus
will be halted and the affected persons return to normal health. Eyes will be
on the pharma manufacturers to develop a vaccine soon.

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