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AI-powered Tyre Aerodynamic Simulation


Rubber Industries Ltd. has announced (on 07 Feb 2024) the development of a
simulation technique called the ‘Tyre Aerodynamic Simulation’ for tyre
development, earlier this month. The technology will help design tyres with (a)
lower rolling resistance and (b) lower air resistance.

AI-powered technology, the airflow around the tyre in motion is simulated and
visually represented. The design/engineering team can then study the
aerodynamics of a running tyre with respect to the tread pattern, side wall
lettering/texture as well as the tyre shape at the point of contact with the
road surface (contact patch).

The focus on
reducing rolling resistance and air resistance is becoming more important now
with the adoption of EVs – especially with a view to improving their driving

It is
estimated that around 20% to 25% of the energy loss occurs due to air
resistance of the tyres.  Together with
rolling resistance, the combined energy loss for EV passenger cars (of 34% to
37%) is due to the tyres. (One would be aware that the EVs suffer lesser energy
loss from heat compared to Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)

demonstrate the efficacy of the AI-powered simulation technology, Sumitomo
compared it with the tyre developed using the currently in use wind tunnel
method. The company found that the car tyre designed using the new technology
was able to do better with respect to decreasing the air flow behind the tyres
as well as on the side walls. The preciseness of this new technology allowed
Sumitomo to work on the sidewall air resistance as well – hitherto not an
aspect that worried the manufactures much.

The technology is expected to help design tyres with improved aerodynamic conditions, reducing drags and resulting in reduced power consumption. Sumitomo expects electric passenger cars manufactured from 2027 onwards to ride on tyres developed from this AI-powered technology.

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