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Are you a textile consultant?

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Do you manufacture
textile or products requiring fabric?
Do you manufacture textile or fabric?

Find textile consultants to help your manufacturing.

Are you a manufacturer of Cotton Fabric, Polycotton or any Synthetic Fabric? Or building products that require fabric base or wrapping? Experts on the Consultiger platform, will help you overcome any production issues.

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If you are a Textile Consultant, we can help you grow your consulting business?

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Are you a textile consultant?

Companies require fabric experts to solve their problems. Consultiger brings consulting assignments to you.

Consultiger is a technology-powered business that works for you. We know that you would like to build your business and increase your revenues. Treat us as your partner – one that brings to you consulting opportunities as well as helps you execute them efficiently and cost-effectively. Read more

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Textile experts across the spectrum!

Textile experts across the spectrum!!

Consultiger is building the widest platform for the textile industry! Join us.

The Consultiger platform hosts experts with the following and more specialisations:

Textile Technology, Textile Engineering, Handloom Textiles, Mechanised Textiles, Natural and Synthetic Fabrics, Fabric Adhesives, and many more.

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How can you benefit from Consultiger?
How can you benefit from Consultiger?

As a Manufacturer!

  • Choose the most ideal textile consultant, confidently.
  • Get a consultant for a duration of your requirement.
  • Choose consulting over phone, if you can find a solution this way.
  • Want an expert to assess your processes, find them here.
  • And you can do much more – at your convenience & completely online.

As a Textile Consultant!

  • Choose a consulting opportunity, confidently.
  • Find clutch of consulting work that best uses your time.
  • Optimise your time, choose phone consulting from anywhere.
  • Handle your clients using our online tools for enhanced productivity.
  • And you can do much more – at your convenience & completely online.
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