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Electricity Conducting Paints

You would have come across electricity conducting paints used for PCBs (printed circuit boards). Some exciting new applications have now been found for this kind of paint.

As you would know these paints consist of a conductive pigment – could be silver, copper, nickel, or any other form of carbon. Depending upon the application and material property, varying formulations are made by experts.

The windshield defrosters in cars is a good example where electricity conducting paint is used. This paint is also used in solar cells, RFID tags, diabetes test strips, electronic components, wearable gadgets, electronic circuits, touch screens and more. Conductive paints have found applications in the construction and automotive industry where sensors are required and limited space is available.

Electric paints are friendly to most surfaces — paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, glass and even textiles. Even when this paint is applied on a surface that bends or is flexible, the paint sits well on it. The paint by itself is prone to smudging when exposed to water but this can be remedied by applying a sealant without comprising on the property of conductivity.

Here’s a list of application areas for conducting paints.

  • Drawing an electronic circuit
  • Soldering a component
  • Building e-textiles
  • Repairing an electronic circuit
  • Painting a capacitive sensor
  • Creative projects

Designers have made garments that play music using electric paints for textiles. An artist is known to have introduced the paint into his portrait of a musician. The music composed by the portrayed musician plays on the canvas.

The industrial applications are many for this paint since these are light, flexible and long-lasting. As the gadgets/devices get smaller and lighter, product designers will incorporate the use of painted circuits more often.

If you have an application for this electricity conducting paints and need expert help to guide you in its use, please do connect with us on Consultiger and we will help you find the right expert.

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