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From Concept to Market

Are you looking to manufacture a new product. While ‘manufacturing’ has its challenges, the additional challenge is to bring your product to the market. Many ideas do not move from concept to production because of the uncertainties. And even fewer make it to the market because that journey is even more arduous. Or is it? In this article, Consultiger breaks down the process into eight clear cut stages!

The Concept Stage | Stage 01

Bring what’s on your head on to paper. May be in the form of rough sketches. May be some mind-mapping. Once you bring your ideas out of the head and in to a physical space there is better clarity in terms of what you have conceived. This would motivate you to take your idea to the next level.

The Research Stage |Stage 02

Have a better understanding of the problem that your product is trying to solve. Find answers for questions like: Is there a market need for your product? Are customers looking for a solution that is not already available in the market? How close is your product to the existing products or is it totally unique? Is your production process more cost-effective than the market?

The Design Stage | Stage 03

Your conviction stemming from your research will only bring you to this stage. In the design stage, you will freeze the product functionalities, production costs, usability, product dimensions, packaging. Some products may need to have a better fix on the product packaging, optimum price to bring the product at and the ideal channels of distribution at this stage.

The Prototyping Stage | Stage 04

This is a stage where CAD (Computer-aided Design) and CAM (Computer-aided Manufacturing) kicks in. Using software technologies, see your product in multiple dimensions and perspectives. See the features closely for ease of use and user experience. Build a prototype of your product after seeing computer simulations. May be even 3D print your prototype.

The Production Stage | Stage 05

Congratulate yourself if your prototype has come out will flying colours. It is time now to move on to the production of your product. You need to take a call on whether you would be manufacturing the product yourself or outsourcing it. Ensure that the product is manufactured at ‘optimised’ cost – without compromising on the quality. A cost differentiation is a huge benefit when you hit the market.

The Feedback Stage | Stage 06

Now that you have a manufactured product is in place, it is time for you to get some honest feedback from the end users. Give them the product to use at their own comfort. Also, provide them with a feedback questionnaire — that will have the various parameters listed — for their response.

The Development Stage | Stage 07

Armed with the feedback that you have received, you are now ready to go back to the production facility to incorporate any suggestions that you think are important for the product to succeed. With this exercise done, you will be ready to shift gear and move on to the final stage.

The FINAL Stage | Stage 08

You deserve another round of congratulations if you have come this far. You have a product that has been designed and developed after feedback from end users. So, it is expected to do well. But, you also need to get few more things in place before you hit the product, namely, product packaging, distribution arrangements, price, positioning, marketing, advertising. Get expert help if need be.

All the best!

And yes, if you need any help in doing a feasibility study, setting up the factory, machinery identification, product manufacturing, packaging, Consultiger could be of help. Our network of experts could pitch in.

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