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Industrial Psychology

The branch of psychology that deals with human behavior in work environment is industrial psychology. Experts here work on various aspects of individual and group behavior to resolve workplace productivity issues.

Consultants with knowledge of human behaviour, group dynamics, performance management and human relationships and emotions make the work environment conducive for top class productivity. Consultants working on this space, also bring a solid understanding of business ethics, group and individual motivation techniques, reward mechanisms and leadership styles to the mix.

Industrial psychologists have a sound knowledge of designing and implementing models to get the best out of the group by doing the following systematically:

  • Identifying learning & development gaps, 
  • optimising work life, 
  • designing training programmes, 
  • motivating employees, 
  • developing performance evaluation matrix, and;
  • prescribing improvement plans.

Manufacturing enterprises engage industrial psychologists to help them in job analysis & training, performance measurement, hiring, ergonomics and compensation, employee engagement, etc.

It is said that ‘Hawthorne studies’ was the birth of Industrial Psychology. This was at a plant in US called Western Electric. Here, workers were exposed to varying levels of light to see if there was any correlation between the light and productivity. It was found that the workers’ productivity was enhanced with better illumination. And astonishingly the productivity was also enhanced when the lights were diminished. So, technically the result of the experiment was ‘inconclusive’. After the intervention of another psychologist, it was finally concluded that the productivity was enhanced because the workers being ‘watched’ by people conducting the experiments.

If you a manufacturing company that wants to engage an industrial psychologist, please do get in touch with

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