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Serial Entrepreneur, eh?
Wonder why I see profiles on LinkedIn that say Serial Entrepreneur. It is not as if this person has built several businesses successfully and is now managing them successfully.

In most cases, she has started a business, made losses, learnt her lessons and moved to the next idea hoping to succeed. This chain goes on and on until she decides to use this as her qualification to fame. And there comes in the title ‘Serial Entrepreneur’.

People like Ted Turner, Richard Branson are serial entrepreneurs. Your business can succeed/fail and you may get fresh ideas for your next business. But, if you have had a string of flops then the title serial entrepreneur can become a subject of ridicule.

Of course, there is another school of thought that says that successful entrepreneurs are serial entrepreneurs. But, they say that because serial entrepreneurs display two key traits. Persistence & Passion!!

Persistence: Entrepreneurship is a challenge & if one wants to succeed then she should never give up. Entrepreneurs chase their vision like mad. This is an important trait that a serial entrepreneur displays in full measure.

Passion: Passion to innovate, Passion to make a difference to the society, Passion to try new stuff. Passion to succeed. Passion drives an entrepreneur to turn ‘serial’.

But, my only contention is that you should not call yourself a ‘Serial Entrepreneur’ let others confer this title on you in may be a Graduation Day ceremony where you are chief guest or in a conference of young businessmen & you are there to share your entrepreneurial journey. In the same breath, let me also add don’t claim to be creative/innovative in your profile. Here, as well, let others call you so!!

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