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The Story of Gorilla Glass!

Billions of mobile devices come with Gorilla Glass of Corning. The popularity of Gorilla Glass is because of two key properties – retained strength & damage resistance. The Gorilla Glass is pushed through a chemical tempering process that involves producing a pre-stressed glass by interchanging ions of sodium with that of potassium. This method ensures that the glass withstands greater levels of stress & pressure. The result is that the glass surface can take much greater force before breaking.

Strength & Durability Tests

4-point Bend Test: The strength of the glass’ edge is tested here. The glass is placed between top inner rollers and supporting on two outer rollers. The glass is pushed hard from above to see how flexible the glass – allowing it to bend without breaking.

Indentation Test: A test for damage resistance, the test involves using diamond indenting tool to scratch the surface at varying levels of pressure. The indenting is viewed closely with a powerful microscope.  

Drop Test: The glass is dropped multiple ways and on various surfaces – either as part of the devices or wrapped on a dummy. Experts analyse the video of the fall shot on high speed cameras to look for the ability (or the lack of it) of the glass to withstand the fall.

Ball Drop Test: While the Drop Test (above) is to test the impact of the fall, the ball drop test is to see the impact an object falling on the gorilla glass creates. To test, a metal ball is dropped on the glass, from multiple heights.

While manufacturers are experimenting with alternative to gorilla glass for devices, the high degree of flexibility, durability, lightness and thinness makes it a clear choice.

Consultiger is happy to bring this peep into Corning’s Gorilla glass. Please do share your views with us. And please do come to our site if you need help in engaging an expert to consult.

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